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Modern POS and restaurant management system for fulfilling your business needs

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POPPOS is more than a Point of sale and point of purchase module. You can get a quick walkthrough of our main features through this video

POPPOS is more than a Point of sale and point of purchase module.You can manage your entire business with multiple outlets with single dashboard.get a quick walkthrough of our main features through this video.

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Whether you own a full time restaurant business or operate a simple cafe. Having will not only manage costs but also drive your sales to a pitch level higher than expected.

Cloud-based system

Completed cloud based system available in online and offline mode

Easy On Resources

Recipe specifications for producing each item on the menu for quality standards

Great Performance

Optimized code and innovative technology insure no delays and ultra-fast responsiveness

Kitchen display system

Poppos possesses a well-defined Kitchen display system which boost your kitchen efficiency

Analytics and reporting

Generate interactive analysis and reports for current and historical sales

Customer support

Get help in setting up a new business or migrating an old one via all models of operations



A robust, resourceful and multi-platform software for managing your store efficiently

Easy analysis and management of outlet, menu, kitchen, employee and loyalty program all from a single cloud-based system

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Purchase of a product and sale can be done in one platform and in multiple modes, offline and online

Realtime management of inventory stocks, PAR level management, food, recipe and their cost management, employee, vendor and supplier management

View reports by product type, supplier, customers, outlets and many more

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What our clients say about us


Marsha Singer - Marketer

When we bought we didn’t know that it would be so
effective that we could concentrate 100% on our business and took care of
all other things.

Tim Shaw - Designer is excellent! It allows us to monitor and manage our
branches efficiently. The after sales service is fast and the team is responsive.

Lindsay Spice - Marketer contains everything we were looking for in a system,
Their solution allowed us to have better control on sales and inventory management
with an advanced reporting system.

Ann Blake - Developer

The solution has helped us a lot in managing our
operations especially when it comes to order management and kitchen/staff

Pricing options for all operations


Point of sale with efficient orders, menu and customer management

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Point of Purchase and Point of Sale both in a complete environment

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A perfect and customizable business solution for your restaurant business

  • Customize through a large set of features
  • Seamless platform integration

Build your business through web and mobile POS system

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